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Un lavoro con scadenza fissa andrà liscio e ottenere finito in tempo senza problemi legati al tempo. Quindi, lavorare con il termine impostato produrrà sempre risultati migliori senza alcun caos dell’ultimo minuto. I giornali presentati per la rivista prende radici diverse per i temi. Guardate questo sito Web per i temi e i temi secondari.

Will address different categories inside the Education, Didactic, culture, academic training area and papers are expected to fit broadly – but not exclusively – into one of the named themes and sub-themes.

The VEGA: Periodico di Cultura, Didattica e Formazione Universitaria / VEGA: Journal of Culture, Didactic and Academic training (VEGA journal) is a peer-reviewed international publication devoting to the investigations, original reports, articles that illustrate research results, multidisciplinary projects, surveying works, discussion papers, qualitative approach, experiences that describe significant advances in education, pedagogy, culture, academic training, communication and didactic. The journal aims to its credibility and reputation by publishing innovative contributions on every aspect of art and communication in their complexity.

The submission is in one of the following languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Interest areas:

  • Teachers and Staff training and education; Educational quality and standards; Curriculum and Pedagogy; Vocational education and Counseling; Ubiquitous and lifelong learning; Training programmes and professional guidance; Teaching and learning relationship; Student affairs (learning, experiences and diversity; Extra-curricular activities; Assessment and measurements in Education.
  • Pedagogic innovations; Challenges and transformations in Education; Technology in teaching and learning; Distance Education and eLearning; Global and sustainable developments for Education; New learning and teaching models; Multicultural and intercultural communications; Inclusive and Special Education; Rural and indigenous Education; Educational projects.
  • Educational foundations; Research and development methodologies; Early childhood and Primary Education; Secondary Education; Higher Education; Science and technology Education; Literacy, languages and Linguistics; Health Education; Religious Education; Sports Education.
  • Educational policy and leadership; Human Resources development; Educational environment; Business, Administration, and Management in Education; Economics in Education; Institutional accreditations and rankings; International Education and Exchange programmes; Equity, social justice and social change; Ethics and values; Organizational learning and change.

The criteria for acceptance of the papers in VEGA: Periodico di Cultura, Didattica e Formazione Universitaria / VEGA: Journal of Culture, Didactic and Academic training (VEGA journal), in order to submit a manuscript in to the journal, we accept original manuscripts, unpublished or those which are not in the process of evaluation by other publications after a double blind peer-review evaluation.